28 Mar 2017

Architectural square LED luminaire with uplight and downlight.

21 Jun 2016

Suspended, architectural LED ‘ring’ providing uplight and downlight. ¬†Great for lobbies and modern office spaces.

16 Nov 2015

Linear LED with extremely thin profile providing either all indirect or indirect/direct distribution.  

9 Jun 2015

LED luminaire using aluminum extrusion with slim profile providing continuous light. ¬†Available with direct, indirect, or direct/indirect distribution. Custom patterns, colors and elevations also available. […]

9 Jun 2015
LS1 Round

Slim LED linear luminaire with specially formed round lens.  

8 Jun 2015
LS1 Square

Slim LED linear luminaire with specially formed square lens.  

11 Sep 2014

Aluminum extrusion with small profile (2-1/2-inch width) providing continuous light. ¬†Available in both LED and fluorescent with either all direct or all indirect distribution. Custom […]